Sunday, July 19, 2009


I suppose I've kept you wondering about my blog name and picture for long enough.

Astronomically speaking, a syzygy is when three or more celestial bodies come into conjunction and for a while stand in alignment with each other; the word is from the Greek σύζυγος. It has less common meanings in astronomy, and is also used as a technical term in other fields including philosophy, poetry, and zoology.

Syzygy has been one of my favorite words since the first time I heard it many moons ago, and particularly describes the way I think- and hence the content and style of this blog.

I had originally intended to start a blog in which to post musings and advice on the mysterious art of writing and my wanderings in the world thereof. That began even further back, when I conceived the idea of writing a book about writing books, which ended up on the back burner as I actually wrote the books I was going to write about writing about. Several people expressing a degree of impatience at the nonforthcoming help, or otherwise, that I had vaguely promised, I figured that I could start smaller with a blog, and if I ever came up with anything press-worthy I could always compile, edit, and publish my posts in print.

Pondering the idea more, I realized that while writing may be the way in which I am best gifted to communicate my passion with others, it would be nothing without the things I write about, the things which inspire me, and the things I love besides. Among these are the worlds of music, literature, poetry, philosophy, the sciences, the outdoors, martial arts, foreign languages and cultures, and history- all within the universe of my Catholic Faith. What I have to say about writing would mean nothing if I excluded them.

The picture represents the galaxy in my multidimensional, multifaceted, multifarious mind.

I walk in many spheres. When these come into alignment with each other, my mind and soul are illuminated, ignited, and inspired.

It's a Syzygy of Worlds.

Also, it sounds cool.



  1. Good to see you posting! I'll have to check here more often now.


  2. well really, I had been more important. I should have the only blog in the world, because I had had 2 stripes

  3. I'm excited to read what you have to write Mari!

  4. I am pulled away from my usual computer usage for a few months, and suddenly I find that there is content on this blog (which came about back in July?? I sure have a knack for bad timing.)!

    If you can pull your person's syzygy together often enough, I wouldn't be surprised if you quickly surpass this poor guy's excuse for a blog.