Thursday, October 29, 2009

An Addendum to the Post Previous

In reading through the previous article again several hours prior to having posted it, I realized why it had seemed so incomplete to me while proofreading- through whatever slip of mental outline, I neglected to define anachronisms and how they are connected with renaissance men.

An anachronism is, quite simply, anything appearing in an era to which it does not belong. Historical inaccuracy can sometimes fall under this category, as in movies or illustrations where something is depicted as being used or existing when it had not yet been invented or discovered. When a person is described as an anachronism, it is implied that they are outdated or otherwise no longer compatible with the present time.

As can be inferred from my previous post, renaissance men in the 21st century are clearly anachronisms, since their mentality and lifestyle are not understood or accepted, let alone desired, by modern society.


  1. The immortal bard, being one who avoided majoring in minors, often got details wrong (his geography is far worse than his history, and his historical fiction already takes liberties here and there for the sake of the drama), and was known to use quite a number of anachronisms: e.g., the Romans in Julius Caesar throwing their nightcaps in the air in celebration... XD

  2. Yes, and having belltowers in Ancient Rome...