Sunday, March 18, 2012

Springtime Garden & Woods

Spring came early this year. The daffodils were finished by the beginning of February. I have grand plans for my garden, as usual.


 Here's one of my hollyhocks poking through the leaves. It was devoured by some varmint not long after this photograph was taken. I'm in the process of constructing a three-meter barrier around my flowerbed to keep the deer out. Unless I have some way of protecting my plants, there's no point in having a garden anymore. I used to live at the edge of things, close to the countryside, but suburban sprawl has swallowed up my area, and the deer are multiplying.


 Most of my plants didn't go dormant over the winter, because the weather never cooled down significantly. Some of the daisies persisted in blooming well into December.


 I've posted pictures of these lawn violets before, but they're too cute to skip. The flowers are about a centimeter across, and sprinkled by the thousands all over the grass.


 This is from my rosebush that went wild. The hips are a nice rich burgundy. I pruned the entire thing down not long ago, and it's already sending out new shoots.


 I had a happy little surprise a few weeks ago. The crocuses that I planted back in 2010 appeared out of nowhere and bloomed for the first time. It had been an assortment of corms, but I wished for the purple striped kind-- and look! I like this kind especially because they remind me of growing crocuses when I was little, and of a favorite professor who always wore thinly striped shirts.


 The earliest leaves are just starting to show. These are from an American hornbeam (Carpinus caroliniana). The greenish haze in the background is more hornbeams down in the swamp. The leaves look so fresh and crisply pleated. This will probably be the last week without greenness. One more big rain and everything will burst forth verdantly.


 Here is a vibrant fungus on a log in the swamp. I'm not sure exactly what species it is. Last fall I collected quite a few pictures of fungi from the woods, and sometime I'll tentatively identify them and write a post about it. I'm no Hobbit when it comes to mushrooms, but I do think they're pretty to look at.


 This picture reminds me of Megan for some reason. A fungus has killed most of the dogwood trees in the region, but there are still a few left. The tree was too tall for me to take a closeup of the flowers, so I took a shot up through the branches. I'll post more pictures later of the vegetable garden and the deer wall. ^_^

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